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Beijing International Beauty Fair

The 30th Beijing International Beauty Fair

Exhibition time: July 29-31, 2024

Venue: Beijing National Convention Center

Exhibition scale: 40,000 square meters (single session)

Participating brand: 1500+

Beijing Jimei Exhibition Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Guangzhou - China International Beauty Fair and China International Weight Loss Conference. With the advantages of both sides, the Beijing International Beauty Fair is held in March and July every year in Beijing National Convention Center, serving the beauty industry market in North China, Northeast China and surrounding areas, and as an important part of the beauty industry system. Play an irreplaceable role in the industry. Through strong cooperation, Beijing Jimei Exhibition Co., Ltd. will become one of the most trusted organizers of the fair in the Great North, and we will build a platform for exhibitors, pass on the latest industry development information, and strive to achieve efficient interoperability and cooperation. Beijing International Beauty Fair in North China, the northeast of the beauty fair, become the industry should not miss the beauty event.

The 30th Beijing International Beauty Expo will be held in Beijing National Convention Center on July 29-31, 2024, when a number of different theme venues will be set up, around the development of the industry encountered in the marketing, development trend, new product promotion, technology release and other issues for a comprehensive analysis, to help the development of the industry to achieve a virtuous cycle.