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China's Cradle Of Global Beauty Business WE AIM TO BUILD A Healthy competitive environment FOR A SUSTAINABLE PROFESSIONAL trading platform

Time: March27-29,2024.

Location: Beijing national convention center.

40,000 sqm Exhibition Space
1200 exhibitors

Sponsor:Guangzhou Jiamei Exhibition Co., Ltd.

In 2024, a great megamerger launched between Guangzhou International Beauty Expo and China International Weight Reducing Conference, which has successfully held 28 sessions. With the unrivalled resource advantages and curatorial experience of both parties, we will jointly build the Beijing International Beauty Expo, which has achieved a milestone upgrade and transformation for the Greater North beauty industry. As the most influential international industry resource platform at home and abroad, China International Beauty Expo has achieved the leading role among six exhibitions which occurred in four cities Guangzhou, Shanghai ,Beijing and shenzhen.