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489人2024 exhibition will be the best choice for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency


Every CIBE Fair booth location is very tight, so grab in advance, the more positions available, which means that the opportunity is locked in advance.

The traffic and promotion effect brought by different locations are also different. After the enterprise books the booth in advance, it can have more time to plan the exhibition program, set the construction plan early, and reduce detdetments and save costs.

It's 2024 and you don't get it

Is it important to attend the exhibition?

Recently, I talked about a lot of media/enterprises/brands in the company, it is not easy to survive in 2023, but when it comes to participating in the exhibition, they said that it is the most cost-effective basis for the following points

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1、Low communication cost: face-to-face contact with target cooperative customers.
2、low customer cost: meet a large number of potential customers.
3、 low labor cost: less workload, high quality.
4、Competitive advantage: 100 PPT sharing is not as good as on-site strength display experience.
5、low time cost: 3 days exhibition thousands of enterprises - twice the result with half the effort.
6、low learning cost: industry experts open dry goods sharing, the first time to understand the development direction of the industry
7、increase the signing rate: harmonious customer relationship, hand by hand to teach customers to try products or feel service.
8、 high corporate exposure: expand the impact of the enterprise, increase the exposure of the industry media, and prove that "surviving" enterprises will make people have a higher desire for cooperation.

Here are some more:

1、 Establish and maintain the exhibitor's image.
2、Open the portal for commodity distribution agents in this field.
3、 Introduce new products or services to the market.
4、 Enhance reputation.
5、Build new customer relationships.
6、Spend your time effectively with existing clients.
7、 Provide products or samples to potential customers.

8、Train existing customers and win over potential customers and retailers.

Seeing this, we may wish to expand on a few points:

The location of the exhibition is mostly in the area where users are concentrated. Talking to your potential customers, handing out materials, exchanging business cards and other activities at the trade show can form very concrete memories. You can even invite customers to visit the factory or visit customers. There are incomparable advantages in maintaining customer relationships and developing new customers. Enterprises participating in the exhibition can get to know a large number of potential customers.

According to the study, based on the average number of visits to an exhibitor's booth, only 12% received a call from the company's sales staff in the 12 months before the show; 88% are new potential customers, and the show also brings high-level new customers to exhibitors. For exhibiting companies' products and services, 49% of visitors to the show are planning to purchase those products and services.

Participating in the exhibition can reach cooperative customers at low cost. To reach qualified customers, participating in exhibitions is the most effective way. According to the survey, the average cost of reaching customers through trade shows is only 40% of the cost of reaching customers through other means.

Less workload, high quality, high signing rate. After contacting qualified customers at the exhibition, the subsequent workload is less. According to the survey, the average company only needs to make 1.8 phone calls to the other party to make a transaction. By comparison, a typical business sale takes 7.8 calls to complete; At the same time, 54% of all orders placed by customers with exhibitors as a result of visiting exhibitions do not require a personal follow-up visit.

The most important point is that time is wealth. In three days, exhibitors can reach more potential customers than they can in six months or even a year. What's more, face-to-face communication with potential customers is an important means to quickly build a stable customer relationship.

Participation in the exhibition is conducive to market competition analysis. The exhibition site provides an opportunity to study the competitive situation, and the role of this opportunity is immeasurable. Here, you can use competitors to provide information on products, prices, and marketing strategies to help you plan for the near and long term.

Product and service market research. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for market research. If an exhibitor is considering launching a new product or service, survey visitors at the show to find out what they want in terms of price, features, quality and service.

Free training and learning opportunities. Previous CIBE beauty Fair will invite industry experts, industry leading brands, industry coffee to do dry goods to share, which is also a rare opportunity to learn and sublimate.

So when it comes to exhibiting, it means:
The worse the economy is, especially in a down economy and the overall market is oversupplied, the more companies need high-quality suppliers, customers and partners that only our brand fairs can provide you.
We can bring these high-quality resources together, all offline in just a few days, so that they can meet you face to face and help you make deals.
The essence of business is transactions, and more advanced businesses have more efficient transaction models. We ensure that brand fairs are one of the most efficient trading modes.
Ensure that your exhibition more peace of mind, satisfactory, but also more worry.

From the point of view of the organizers, that is:
Sorry, it's time to test your ability to integrate and allocate resources! How else can you match business with clients?
Don't reserve a booth in advance?
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The 2024 Beijing American Conference is another opening event with the exhibition!

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