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395人Feast of beauty industry, fire up the capital! Beijing International Beauty Expo successfully concluded, drawing a new chapter in the beauty industry!


Unprecedented spectacle, beauty industry elite gathered in Beijing! Recently, the high-profile Beijing International Beauty Expo successfully concluded, attracting 11,205 professional visitors to participate in the event, and jointly witness the rise and brilliance of the beauty industry integration of new ecology!

With will show, wisdom collision, forum numerous! This year's Expo not only provides a platform for people in the beauty industry to exchange and learn, but also shows the latest achievements and trends in the beauty industry. 17 forums brought together the industry's big coffee, in-depth analysis of the industry's frontier dynamics, and injected new vitality into the development of the beauty industry!

American industry people go hand in hand, set off a new round of growth storm! At the fair, many brands competed to show personalized products to meet the diversified needs of the market. With accurate matching and efficient docking, Meiye people are working together to open a new round of growth!

Explore the infinite business opportunities of beauty and health integration! This beauty fair not only covers the traditional beauty field, but also focuses on weight loss, anti-aging, aromatic, acne skin, reproduction, health and other popular sectors, providing more business opportunities and development space for the beauty industry.

Beauty knows no borders, international buyers are pouring in! The beauty Expo has attracted the attention of many international buyers, and new consumption, new trends and new future meet here. Beauty industry people and new traffic main dance, create international beauty business!

Next notice: The passion is burning again, the new journey of the beauty industry is about to open! In the summer of 2024, the 30th Beijing International Beauty Expo will be held in Beijing National Convention Center from July 29 to 31. We sincerely invite you to join us and join hands to create a new brilliant beauty industry!